sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

Capítulo 14

- When did Collis get the idea of giving a concert in Dublin? When he saw Burl Ives singing.

- Why did Collis ask Chris to be with him at the concert? Because Collis wanted to read the chapter of Chris’s autobiography.

- What happened after Collis stopped speaking? People were silent.

Capítulo 13

- Why did Dr Collis look for a private tutor for Chris? Because Chris will never become a athletes, or have a physical job. So in his case, education was very important, because he could be a writer, painter…

- Why did Chris break the promise he had made to Mrs Collis and start to use his left foot again? He knew he could improve with the treatment, but he knew too he will never be a ordinal boy with a girlfriend. He was furious, so, to liberate some moment, he started to write with his left foot.

Capítulo 12

- In the new clinic in Bull Alley Street, there were three rooms. What did the children do in each one? The clinic had got three rooms: treatment room (where they sis their exercises), schoolroom (where they studied) and the playroom (where the children played and made exercises).

- What was the first thing Chris was taught? The first thing he learned was to relax himself, to control his breathing and to free his mind.

- Why did Chris praise the clinic staff so highly? Because the clinic got that two girls improved so much.

Capítulo 11

- What effect did Chris’s experiences at the clinic have upon him? He wanted tell everyone his experiences; but he couldn’t because he mustn’t use his left foot.

- How did Chris manage to write the first manuscript? He helped his brother Eamonn, so he must do the same. Chris told him that he must write.

- What did Chris realise after they had written almost four hundred pages of manuscript? Chris felt the manuscript was awful, because he had a poor vocabulary. So he decided to write a note to Dr Collis, to help him with the manuscript.

- According to Dr Collis, Chris’s manuscript hadn’t been written in vain. Why? Because Dr Collis knew Chris could became a good writer if he practiced.

Capítulo 10

- On the first day at the clinic, Chris was told to relax and watch. What did he gain from that experience? He saw the other happy children playing. Chris discovered that they were lucky, because the children weren’t aware of their physical and intellectuals limitations. But Chris knew he wasn’t a normal boy, so he was determined to continue with the treatment, because he wanted to recover.

Capítulo 09

- What did Mrs Collis tell Chris when the examination was over? She told him that he could be cured, but he must leave to use his left foot.

- According to Mrs Collis, why did Chris have to stop using his left foot? Because, if he continued using his left foot, it wouldn’t be good for him physically.

Capítulo 08

- Why did Dr Collis come to visit Chris? To tell him there was a treatment for cerebral palsy.

- How did Chris’s prospects change after Dr Collis’s visit? First, he was confused, but then he was happy. He hoped he could be a normal boy.

- How did Chris’s mother make her husband and children build Chris a house in the garden? The kitchen was a small room; Chris needed more space to do his exercises. So his mother thought maybe was a great idea to build a house in the garden. She bought material and she started alone. When the father saw her, he and the children helped her to build it.

- Why did Dr Collis decide to send Chris to London to see his sister-in-law? Because Mrs Eirene Collis was a specialist in cerebral palsy, and she must examine Chris to know if it was possible the treatment